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It’s no secret that I love photos and that I actually enjoy finding apps that help me edit them in many different ways. I have tried A LOT of apps and I can shamelessly say that I have three folders with fifteen or more apps in each one. Seriously, ask my friends haha. Narrowing that selection down to ten wasn’t an easy task but here are the best photo editing apps that you should totally download today:

TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles


  1. Snapseed – If you only download one app from this list, make it this one. Hands down, this is the best FREE editing app because it has so many great and professional features to edit your photos. From simple brightness and contrast adjustments, to a white balance selector and a curves tool. However, my favorite feature is the selective adjustment tool, which allows you to manipulate brightness, saturation, contrast and structure of a particular area in your image without altering anything else.  - FREE for iOS and Android. 

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  2. PicTapGo – Pretty simple and straight forward, great when you need to edit your photos fast. Make local adjustments to your photo or apply a predefined filter with just a couple of taps. You can also layer these filters as needed. - $1.99 for iOS. 
    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles
  3. A Color Story – There's a reason why this app has been downloaded over a million of times y'all! Lovely and natural looking filters, enough said. You can even save the whole editing process you followed for next photos and keep consistency in your images. I specially appreciate how this app enhances colors instead of covering them up. FREE for iOS and Android. 

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  4. Afterlight - You can use Afterlight's camera function to manually adjust ISO and White Balance, or a great alignment tool that comes in handy specially when shooting cityscapes. When you move to the editing function you'll be able to apply all kinds of filters, vignettes, cool light leaks (as shown) and shapes.  - $0.99 for iOS and Android.

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  5. VSCO – A classic photo editing app with film inspired filters. My favorites are: A6, HB1, HB2 and S1 (as shown). I also suggest getting their legacy set, which includes the original ten presets that started it all. - FREE for iOS and Android. 

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles


TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles


  1. Typic – Are you tired of all the boring text options in other apps? Typic has over 105 fonts, 500 design elements, masking effect, a color wheel and even custom RGB color spaces (!!). Plus, you can upload up to 4 logos to instantly add them to your images. - $3.99 for iOS and get Phonto (FREE) for Android.

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  2. Over – With this app you can add text to your images with over 200 fonts, add graphics and drop shadows. However, what I really like about this photo editing app is that you can create social media posts on-the-go with templates for different platforms. From a simple Instagram post, to a Youtube banner, Pinterest post, or an Etsy cover. It's your choice! - FREE for iOS and try PicLab free for Android
    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles
  3. LiveCollage - Want to make unique collages instead of the typical "grid layout"? Try this app and let your creativity soar. - FREE for iOS and Android.

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  4. Photofy – Artwork for all ocassions, use “instasquare” function and even add your logo/watermark to photos (this option is $4.99/yearly). - FREE for iOS and Android. 

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

  5. Whitagram – And last but not least, Whitagram. Have you seen those white frames around my photos on Insta? Yeah, those are made with this cute little app. Really simple. Put a simple border to your photo in any width and color. - FREE for iOS and Android (alternative:#SquareDroid).

    TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles

So what do you think, do you use any of these photo editing apps? Let me know in the comments if you have any more recommendations. I’m always looking for new ones 🙈

Also, all the examples shown are really quick edits but feel free to ask any more specific questions if you want!

Best Photo Editing Apps - Lace & Sparkles



  1. July 25, 2017 / 10:54 pm

    Wow! I had no idea that these existed. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  2. July 26, 2017 / 12:58 am

    These are really helpful for someone like me who could use all the photo help I can get! Thank you!

  3. July 27, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Great info! Love the before and after pictures too! I’ll be trying some of these apps!

  4. September 1, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    CONGRATS babe
    so Nice in here
    cozy and pink and CELESTIAL XOXOXXOXXO

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    Great blog & post! Love the graphics

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