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Hi friends!! You might not know this but my hair used to be really curly and full of volume until five or six years ago. Because of that, my mom always braided my hair for school when I was a kid but of course, I wanted to run free as soon as I got home. You can imagine the huge knots I would get in my hair every.single.time. 😂

Fast forward to college, I dreamed about having beautiful and silky straight locks so I started coloring and flat ironing my hair almost every week (at least during the weekend). Little did I know, my lovely curls and hair volume would slowly disappear after a few years of all that damage. So here I am now, with super fine hair and a not-really-defined texture. Oh well, I guess I didn't know better then.

You can imagine my excitement when Statusphere asked me if I wanted to test a new product for free that claims to quickly give your roots a boost for greater hair volume. "Well, yeah! Of course I want to try it", I said. 

A few weeks later, I received this cool product by Voloom called "Rootie the Rootlifter". Now, I want to share my experience with all of you! 

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Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles

So what is this Rootie all about? Well, Rootie is the smallest volumizing iron that promises to instantly give your hair a natural-looking lift. Amazing, isn't it?

It comes with ceramic coated plates that create volume close to the roots of your hair by crimping those layers. You know, the same way they did it in the good ole’ Eighties but with a hot tool. Rootie also heat-locks the volume into your hair, helping your look last for days.
Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles

Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles

Another cool feature is that it includes adjustable temperature settings. This lets you experiment from 320° F to 395° F and find out what temperature works best for your particular hair type. In my case, I tried it at 320° F (the lowest temperature suggested for fine or damaged hair)  because I'm afraid of frying my fine hair and of course I always use this heat protectant spray beforehand.

Here's my before and after. My hair looks all frizzy because I wanted to show you my results without any additional products (other than a heat protectant spray): 

Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles


Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles



All in all, I love that Rootie is really user friendly and once you get the hang of it, it only takes you an additional 5 minutes to get that extra oomph on your look and you don't even need to use any additional mousse or spray to make it last!
I'm sure you can get an even more dramatic result than mine. However, I wanted to be realistic since I don't usually spend much time styling my hair 🙈 and I needed to make sure it worked even for girls like me who are always in a rush!

Rootie the Rootlifter - Lace and Sparkles

I really like that it seems like Rootie works great with any hairstyle and length but as with any other hot tool, I would just make sure to use it in the lowest temperature possible and no more than three times per week.  

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get one here! 



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